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Souvlaki is an easy to cook, quick and enjoyable food. You may try different flavors, mix ingredients, add extra ingredients or remove some. But you cannot eat the right “souvlaki” if you do not use Paprika as the last ingredient!

Paprika is a new, renovated area in Ano Mera Village, that offers to you and your friends a friendly environment, a wide range of services and especially, a meticulous menu! In our restaurant you can try a tasty “Gyros” made of local meats or some tastes of Italian cuisine, since pizza is also served. In our new menu we combine the traditional pita with Gyros and pizza, widening your choices and delving even the most demanding clients!

We wait your arrival in order to enjoy your lunch or dinner. Enjoy the lunch with your family or with your friends! And for our little friends? The new playground is waiting for them to play, or even to make your children’s party! And if you do not have time to come to us for lunch or dinner, we can come to you, since we also have a Delivery Service!

Paprika in Ano Mera: The tasteful experience you have been waiting, is finally here!

Fresh dough made daily, on the premises!

Delivery Menu


Mousakas in clay pot12.00€
Mykonian Mostrawith mykonian spicy cheese, tomato, olives, capers and mykonian loyza.7.00€
Phyllo Pastrywith cheese, greek honey sauce and sesame.8.50€
Bougiourntibaked greek cheese in the oven with chili,cherry tomatoes and sweet and sour sauce.6.50€
Eggplant Dipwith onion , garlic and red peppers .4.50€
Spicy Cheese Dipwith spicy peppers. 5.00€
Favawith caramelized onions.5.50€
Mushroomsstuffed with blue cheese and bacon.9.50€
Saganakiwith cereal crust.7.00€
Kantaifiwith cheese.8.00€
Tomato fritteswith feta cheese and bacon.7.50€
Pan-fried pork11.00€
Pan-fried chickenwith mushrooms.12.00€


Greek Saladwith rusk and capers.8.00€
Wild Caesarwith lettuce , carrots, croutons, chicken, parmesan and mustard dressing.9.50€
Rocket Saladwith spinach , pears marinade in balsamic vinegar, parmesan, cherry tomatoes , vinaigrette and mykonian louza. 11.00€
Avocadogreen salad with avocado, nuts, prosciutto and balsamic sauce.12.00€
Manourigreen salad with manouri cheese, caramelized peanut, fresh orangeand orange vinaigrette.10.50€
Mykonian Saladwith cherry tomatoes, mykonian louza, xinotyro, caper and Thessalonikis bagel11.00€


Stuffed Tenderloinwith mykonian cheese, bacon and parmesan sauce.15.00€
Stuffed Chicken with bacon, pepper, cheese and parmesan sauce.15.00€
Beef Burger(served with mushrooms sauce with extra charge 2.50 euro’s)10.00€
Sausageson the charcoals8.50€
Pork SteakXXL15.00€
Beef Steakglazed with barbeque sauce.25.00€
Chicken chopson the grill. whole / half 16.00 / 8.50€
Tenderloinstuffed with bacon cream and parmesan sauce. 15.00€
Pork Sideglazed with barbeque sauce10.00€
Meat Varietyfor 2 person.32.00€


Pork Skewers9.50€
Chicken Skewers9.50€
Chicken Gyros9.00€
Pork Gyros9.00€
Kebab “Giaourtlou’’10.50€


Pork Gyros pita / bread2.80€ / 5.00€
Chicken Gyrospita / bread2.80€ / 5.00€
Kebabpita / bread2.90€ / 5.50€
Pork Skewerpita / bread2.80€ / 5.00€
Chicken Skewer pita / bread2.80€ / 5.00€
Mykonian Falafel with greek yogurt sauce , tahini and vegetables (pita / bread))3.20€ / 5.50€
Sausagepita / bread3.00€ / 5.50€
Burgerpita / bread3.00€ / 5.50€

Our Special

Giant SkewerGiant skewer for two people with chicken or pork cooked on the skewer. Served with pita bread , fries and dips.32.00€
The tower of the group15 pork chops marinated and honey barbeque sauce. Served with pita bread, fries and dips.32.00€


Margarita Pizzatomato sauce and mozzarella. 8.00€
Prosciutto And Rocket Tomato sauce , mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, rocket.15.00€
Paprikatomato sauce , ham , bacon , fresh mushrooms , green peppers, onions, sausages.11.00€
4 Cheese Pizzatomato sauce , mozzarella, parmesan , cheddar and edam cheese.9.50€
Gardentomato sauce , fresh mushrooms , peppers, fresh tomato, olives, sweet corn, onions, rocket and feta cheese.11.50€
Chicken Pizzabbq sauce , chicken breast , mushrooms, cheddar and mozzarella cheese.12.50€
Sweet And Sour Pizzatomato sauce , feta cheese, caramelized onions and mozzarella.9.50€
Pork Gyros Pizzapork gyro, gouda cheese, tomato, potatoes, onion, tortilla.15.00€
Chicken Gyros chicken gyros , gouda cheese , tomato, potatoes, ceasar sauce, tortilla.15.00€
Pepperonitomato sauce , pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.10.00€
Extrasbacon ,mushrooms , sausage , cheddar, mozzarella, edam , ham, edam.0.50€


Paprikaspaghetti with sweet wine , soya sauce, tenderloin and milk cream.13.00€
Chickenpenne rigate with chicken, fresh mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and milk cream.12.00€
The gardenspaghetti with cherry tomatoes, peppers, olive and caper.10.00€
BologneseSpaghetti bolognese.9.00€


Pizza With Nutella And Biscuits12.00€
Waffle With Nutella And Biscuits6.00€
Ice Cream Scoop2.00€
Sweet Of The Day5.00€


Soft Drinks Can1.80€
Coca Cola 1.5L3.50€
Sparkling Water 250ml - 700ml2.50/4.50€
Mineral Water 500ml – 1000ml0.50/2.00€

Ouzo – Tsipouro

Ouzo 200ml7.00€
Tsipouro 200ml7.00€


House Wine 0.50mL/1 LWhite / roze / red.5.00/10.00€


Beer Can2.00€

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